Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crochet time

Pattern and cotton at the ready, this I purchased in Rome at a market stall, such beautiful quality I could not wait to start my new lace top to have ready for my next holiday that is is five years ago. Now I am hoping to complete this top to take to Paris with me in two weeks time Help!!

I am on my way wish me luck to get it finished.. only hope it fits when I complete, not getting on that plane without it.........
Keep you posted on the progress.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cushion making and picture framing...

Next project is to make a bolster cushion for my kitchen to match my new tablecloth, then to frame my daughters beautiful artwork and choose a suitable site around the house to deisplay them.. very excited about this.

The day that Beatrice came to visit ............

Meet Beatrice, you will have to look carefully to find her, she  was very confident in her space and now delivers an egg a day, which hopefully will keep the fox away. which did not happen for her predecessors opps!!

Another project bites the dust!!!!!!!! Thankfully

Another project sorted, thanks to my blog, 2012 the year that I complete all my projects
At last completed my two baby cardigans for new arrivals expected, love the  recycled buttons, sorry the picture is upside down , but I am improving..... 
Blaming my new phone we are soon to become good friends, but presently that is not the case