Monday, June 25, 2012

Its lighthouse time!!

Yes hope you have guessed I stayed at a lighthouse with a good friend for the night, it was amazing, got some pics to share with you. But I am conscious that I could not have captured this bit of magic on camera. My bedroom was on the third floor up with the galley kitchen on the top and sitting room next floor down, then the second bedroom and the bathroom in between. the ground floor of the lighthouse had a settlebed just inside the entrance door
  How beautiful was this the sun shinning radiantly through the window on the fish pots, the winding metal stairway that reached all the way to the galley on the top floor...

I was lucky enough to feel the heat of the flags that were warmed by the sunshine that shone in through the window.

knock knock, whose there???

Its me coming to spend the night  ..... open the door and let me come in, "I NEED A BED FOR THEE NIGHT"  Open the door and let me come in.

The kitchen galley, goodness did I love it even had a Cath Kidston tablecloth, so it ticked all the boxes. Take note of the curtains,  they were made of canvas like the sails of a boat, then I looked up and there were my friends hiding (cobwebs). I felt right at home.

It was time to say goodbye, I was sad to go but, I will always remember the beautiful night that I spent at the lighthouse, I will leave this post  and share an image that I have in my mind each time that I think of my adventure to the lighthouse.

The beautiful Irish sea in the reflection of the sun rays that June morning

Thank you friend.