Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mr Bee pincushion

Mr Bee is on his way, just needs two eyes a mouth and some food/stuffing to fatten him up, watch this space and view the Mr Bee pincushion. Very pleased as this project only took me an hour to knit....... Glad I woke up my skills and I am looking forward to completing this piece.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mr Tulip & Co

2012-04-23 08.33.47.jpgSadly my tulips are on their last legs, a very special present that my sister gave me last year, it was a mystery as to what was in the pot, I have been waiting to see what this special blue ceramic pot would produce for me to admire.
I choose to house it as a greeting to my visitors at my front door it is supported by my find in the local garden centre of a willow basket pot, filled with primulas. Very pretty together sadly the hyacinth has said its farewell for this year. Thanks sis xx

Spa day

2012-04-15 19.04.36.jpg
Yes I escaped for a spa day, what a treat that my oldest daughter gave to me and my two daughters as a Christmas gift, we miss her terribly as she now lives in Brisbane Ozzyland, so proud of her.
 I shared the day with my other two daughters and this flower arrangement met us in reception on the day, this has inspired me to create some flower arrangements this summer, so I am choosing the flowers that I will plant carefully and feeding, spraying my treasured roses with care.

Some day my dream will come

IMG-20120414-WA0000.jpgHi beautiful, my dream, to own a van like this or to at least take one for a trip, some day my dream will be realised I hope!!!!!
Will certainly let you know if I am lucky enough to be granted my dream. In preparation for this I am thinking of taking a crash course in mechanics JOKE!!!

Pebbles and Shells

IMG-20120409-WA0001.jpg A very special find |Easter Sunday spent on Ballymoney beach in Wexford, Special Day!!

Planting new and old

2012-04-22 13.42.23.jpg The sweetpea is doing very well, the earlier spring sunshine helped, now I am waiting for a nice fine spell to transport them out to my new willow cone to support them to provide me with sweet aroma on the patio.............
The apple blossom is in full bloom, primroses are feeling the chilly winds at present.. tut tut. So proud of my brave little primroses who are in bloom for their fist year. Brave little soldiers, I believe that they are very happy to be sheltered my the apple who are only three years old. This is the first year that I have pruned apple trees, this skill I acquired by internet tutorial. So it will be interesting to see what the crop will be like in late summer, lots of TLC at the moment (feeding them on jungle juice).We will check in later in the summer to greet a bumper crop.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crochet bowl with a difference

Step 1 Get a bowl and your crocheted piece, place some cling film over the bowl
Step 2 Immerse crocheted piece in solution of boiling water and melted sugar and place over bowl, allow to cool and harden

Leave over night to harden, remove next morning, peel off and bend back the top peaks to form a lip on the bowl. Make a paper bag to wrap this in and dress with a nice recycled ribbon, have fun!!

Do check in with me if you need some help...............