Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some crafting from this last year

Knitting & Stitching Show 2012 RDS 
Looking for bargains at the end of the day. BIG MISTAKE, filled the  boot of my car

Sophie and I checking out the new projects purchased at the knitting & stitching show at the RDS

Evidence of the damage that I/we done..running out of room in the boot of the car

Secret is out - overspend (I think) Partners in crime

Christmas time , let the card making begin

Rudolph's friend dropped in to choose a card to send to all his friends

Another project nearly  finished, this has been on the hook for a few years,
 2012 will be about finishing  off craft projects, this I hope to do with my special crafter friends......
 Starting my blog I hope will help me  to keep my 2012 promise to myself

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  1. Love the update Del, hope you are enjoying the spring weather and crafting. Thank you for dropping by Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. Big hugs, Margie.