Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring cleaning

The day mam commissioned my daughter and I to spring clean the heirlooms, each one had  a special story to tell. Mam told us both about each one with pride, a very special day..............

The golden Hen ta never laid an egg in  the past 45 years, a present for my mam from one of the many holidays that we had in Galway

The globe off the oil lamp that my ma had in Leitrim 73 years ago (It has a little crack in it) sh!! 

The beautiful glass cake cover that my Granny Canning had when she first moved from Co Leitrim over 70 years ago, now a treasured heirloom for the family

The green glass cake stand that my mam still has on a shelf in her kitchen, this piece I have fond memories of as a child. It miraculously appeared when some important people came to visit us. Sandwiched with no crusts were placed on it, some cakes and cookies. Mam won this at a field day in the 1940's on a wheel of fortune ticket!! How lucky was she, I adore this piece........

The old plate that adorned my granny's dresser in her kitchen

The brass kettle that I brought her from my honeymoon in Spain in 1981

The original milk bottle that we all miss, the bit of plastic never came up to scratch, I miss the bottles and the noise of the milk-man in the morning rattling the bottles as went around early to collect them and leave new full bottle, a lot of work, but well worth it, yes they were the days!!! 
Thank you for sharing my spring cleaning day with my Mam and her special little bits and pieces, they al sit in her kitchen glistening from the scrubbing that  they got recently.  

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