Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bealtaine craft display

The best day of my working life this year was during the month of May "Bealtaine month" (The month of the aged), to celebrate I organised a craft display of older peoples craftwork and this was my favourite piece of craft. A beautifully carrickmacross lace veil, wow I loved this piece and was privileged to have learned the craft Mountmellick embroidery from her many years ago a very special lady, she also thought me the craft macramé, yes  the knotting of cords and twines,  I will introduce you all to my macramé pieces at a later stage. 

Take a look at my display table, a real mixed bag of needlework of all shapes and sizes 

The finished giftcard display that I had great fun with, lots of people came and participated, they made special cards for special people in their lives.

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